8 Low Bald Fade Haircuts for Men

Textured Low Bald Fade

 A low bald fade with textured hair on top is stylish and modern. The fade blends into the longer, textured hair on top. This style adds depth and style.

Side Part Low Bald Fade

A side part elevates a low bald fade. Maintain a professional look by splitting the hair cleanly and styling it to one side.

Pompadour with Low Bald Fade

This hairdo is elegant and beautiful. Let the fading accentuate a full topknot. This combo blends old and modern aesthetics well.

Curly Low Bald Fade

A modest bald fade helps define curly hair. The low fade highlights your curls. This trendy style makes curly hair manageable.

Mohawk Low Bald Fade

A Mohawk with a low bald fade is aggressive and edgy. Shave or fade the sides low, leaving a strip of longer hair along the middle of the head. 

Slicked Back Low Bald Fade

Slick back the top and fade the sides and back for a professional appearance. This hairdo looks clean and stylish in professional and informal contexts.

Buzz Cut with Low Bald Fade

Go minimalistic and low-maintenance with a buzz cut and low bald fade. Shaved sides and back mix into longer hair on top.

Faux Hawk with Low Bald Fade

A low bald fade and fake hawk make a stylish and adaptable look. The sides and back are faded low, leaving a middle strip of longer hair.

Thick Brush Stroke

7 Bald Fade Haircuts for Men