Bixie Haircuts: 6 Trending Styles to Try

Textured Pixie Bixie

A pixie cut with texture and movement. Modern and edgy, it has jagged layers and tousled style.

Asymmetrical Bixie

Asymmetrical bixie haircuts are bold and different. This dynamic hairdo has one side trimmed shorter than the other.

Long Bangs Bixie

This bixie cut has longer bangs that may be brushed to the side or curled slightly. It softens and frames the face.

Undercut Bixie

An undercut bixie is popular for edgier looks. Keeping the top longer and shaving or trimming the sides and back produces a strong contrast and attitude.

Messy and Textured Bixie

This style is carefree. Choppy layers offer structure to the hair for simple style and a casual, elegant look.

Curly Bixie

Bixie haircuts may work for curly hair. This popular, low-maintenance style utilizes the curls' inherent structure and form to create a voluminous, whimsical appearance.

Thick Brush Stroke

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