The 7 Best

 Workouts to Get You in Shape   After 40

Arm Circle

Arm circles warm up. As you age, many daily movements include pressing something overhead or away from your body, which activates your shoulder joint and muscles.

Hip Opener

"Hip mobility is critical for efficient movement and allows you to move throughout your day with less tightness and discomfort in your lower and upper body," Savage says.

March in Place

Elevating your beats per minute prior to getting into your main workout, will allow you to safely approach your target heart rate, which helps to burn the maximum number of calories throughout the routine," Savage says.

Sit-to-Stand Squat

The squat is a great lower-body compound movement. A firm platform makes this workout easier for everyone.

Alternating Lunge

"Lunges help with balance, flexibility, and coordination and are great if you're restarting your fitness journey because they can be modified to meet your range of motion," Savage says.

Modified Pushup

Savage calls pushups "an oldie but goodie." This workout works shoulders, triceps, and chest. "Performing them in a modified manner can help you to control your posture, the pace of the movement, and increase your time under tension," Savage says.

Forearm Plank

The forearm plank is Savage's final recommendation for out-of-shape 40-year-olds. "Core stability is critical for supporting your spine and promoting proper posture, which is essential for offsetting possible injuries and physical ailments as we age," he explains.

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