Top  TJ Dillashaw Tattoo

Admire the fierce warrior spirit of TJ Dillashaw with his iconic Spartan helmet tattoo. This symbolizes courage, discipline, and unwavering determination—the qualities that have propelled him to success inside and outside the Octagon.

The Spartan Helmet


Discover TJ's love for his craft with a tattoo depicting the Octagon, the sacred arena of mixed martial arts, along with a pair of fighting gloves. This tattoo encapsulates his passion and dedication to the sport.

Octagon and Glove


Witness the intensity of TJ's personality through his cobra and roses tattoo. The cobra symbolizes power, while the roses add a touch of beauty and elegance, creating a striking contrast that reflects his complex nature.

Cobra and Rose


Celebrate the importance of family in TJ's life with his intricate family portrait tattoos. Each portrait represents a loved one and serves as a constant reminder of their support and love throughout his journey.

Family Portrait


Explore the wisdom that fuels TJ's drive with motivational quote tattoos etched onto his skin. These inspiring words serve as a daily reminder of his goals and the mindset required to achieve greatness.

Motivational Quote


Uncover the spiritual side of TJ with a feather and dreamcatcher tattoo. This design symbolizes protection, guidance, and the pursuit of dreams—a constant reminder to stay grounded and focused.

Feather and Dreamcatcher


Marvel at TJ's admiration for sports legends showcased through his tattoos of iconic athletes. From Muhammad Ali to Bruce Lee, these tattoos pay homage to the champions who have inspired him on his own path to success.

Sports Icon


Witness TJ's fighter's mentality embodied in his tattoo featuring a roaring lion. This majestic creature represents strength, courage, and a relentless drive to overcome challenges.

Fighter's Mentality


Discover TJ's respect for Native American culture through tattoos that honor their traditions. These symbols serve as a tribute to their rich heritage and the values of resilience and connectedness to nature.

Native American Tribute


Embrace TJ's personal mantras through tattoos of meaningful words or phrases that hold deep significance to him. These mantras serve as affirmations, guiding him through the highs and lows of his journey.

Personal Mantra


American Traditional Tattoos